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Bid Protests

Bid Protest Representation in Government Contracting

As an experienced government contracts attorney, I represent clients in both pre-award and post-award bid protests before federal agencies, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and state and local governmental entities. My role involves assisting contractors in assessing legitimate protest grounds, drafting the protest, and litigating the protest to resolution.

1. Assessment of Protest Grounds

    • Assisting clients in evaluating potential protest grounds based on applicable regulations, solicitation terms, and evaluation criteria.
      • Common effective protest grounds include:
        • Unreasonable Evaluation: Allegations of evaluation errors, unequal treatment of offerors, or failure to follow evaluation criteria.
        • Flawed Source Selection Decision: Challenges to the rationale or justification provided by the government for the award decision.
        • Improper Conduct: Allegations of bias, conflicts of interest, or other improprieties in the procurement process.
    • Conducting thorough analysis to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of protest arguments.

2. Drafting the Protest

    • Crafting well-reasoned and persuasive protest documents that clearly articulate the grounds for protest based on supporting evidence.
    • Ensuring compliance with procedural requirements and deadlines established by the procuring agency or GAO.

3. Litigation Representation

    • Advocating on behalf of clients in bid protest proceedings, including hearings, oral arguments, and written submissions.
    • Presenting compelling arguments and evidence to support the protest grounds and seek appropriate remedies.

4. Defense of Protested Awards

    • In cases where a client's contract award is protested by a competitor, providing representation to defend the protest and protect the award.
    • Formulating defenses and responding effectively to protest allegations to preserve the client's contractual rights.

With my expertise in bid protests and government contracting, I help clients assert and defend their rights in bid protest proceedings, aiming to ensure fair and transparent procurement outcomes.

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