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Investigations and Audits

Investigations and Responding to Government Audits

Government contractors often need to conduct internal investigations and undergo audits by various agencies, such as the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). As an experienced government contracts attorney, I assist with internal investigations, prepare clients for external reviews, and help them effectively respond to allegations or findings.

Conducting Investigations and Responding to Audits:

1. Conducting Internal Investigations

    • Leading thorough internal investigations to identify and address potential compliance issues.
    • Gathering and analyzing relevant information to determine the scope and impact of any issues.
    • Providing clear, actionable recommendations to address findings and mitigate risks.

2. Preparing for External Audits

    • Assisting clients in preparing for audits by agencies such as the DCAA.
    • Ensuring all necessary documentation and records are organized and readily available.
    • Advising on best practices for audit readiness to minimize potential findings and disruptions.

3. Responding to Audit Findings and Allegations

    • Helping clients respond to audit findings and allegations effectively and promptly.
    • Drafting comprehensive responses to address auditor concerns and clarify misunderstandings.
    • Advising on corrective actions and compliance measures to resolve issues and prevent recurrence.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Compliance Reviews
    • Reviewing internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal regulations and contract requirements.
    • Identifying areas of potential non-compliance and recommending corrective actions.
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping
    • Assisting clients in maintaining accurate and complete records to support compliance and audit readiness.
    • Advising on documentation practices that align with regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Communication and Reporting
    • Facilitating effective communication between the contractor and auditing agencies.
    • Preparing clear and concise reports to present investigation findings and responses to audits.

Benefits of Legal Assistance in Investigations and Audits:

  • Mitigating Risks
    • Proactively identifying and addressing compliance issues to reduce the risk of adverse audit findings.
    • Implementing corrective actions to mitigate potential penalties and sanctions.
  • Ensuring Preparedness
    • Enhancing audit readiness by ensuring all necessary documentation and records are in order.
    • Providing training and guidance to staff on audit processes and compliance requirements.
  • Resolving Issues Efficiently
    • Facilitating timely and effective responses to audit findings and allegations.
    • Helping clients navigate complex regulatory environments and maintain good standing with government agencies.

By leveraging my expertise in investigations and responding to audits, I help government contractors effectively address issues that arise, maintaining operational stability.

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