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Speciality Support: FOIA, Reverse FOIA, and CPRA Requests

Government Contracts Specialty Support for FOIA, Reverse FOIA, and CPRA Requests

1. FOIA Requests

    • Request Preparation: Assisting clients in preparing and submitting FOIA requests to obtain government-held information relevant to their interests.
    • Response Analysis: Analyzing the responses received from government agencies to ensure completeness and relevance.
    • Appeals: Handling appeals or clarification requests if initial FOIA requests are denied or inadequately addressed.

2. Reverse FOIA

    • Protection of Sensitive Information: Helping clients protect proprietary, confidential, and trade secret information from being disclosed in response to third-party FOIA requests.
    • Submission of Objections: Preparing and submitting detailed objections to the release of sensitive information, citing applicable exemptions under FOIA.

3. CPRA Requests

    • Request Preparation: Assisting clients in drafting and submitting CPRA requests to obtain records from California state and local government agencies.
    • Response Evaluation: Reviewing the responses to ensure they meet the request and contain all relevant information.

By leveraging my expertise in government contracts and public records laws, I help clients manage FOIA and CPRA requests efficiently, safeguard proprietary information, and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.


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