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Specialty Support: Mergers & Acquisitions

Government Contracts Specialty Support in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence

1. Contract Review and Analysis

    • Thoroughly reviewing and analyzing government contracts to identify key terms, conditions, and obligations.
    • Assessing the compliance status of existing contracts to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.

2. Risk Assessment

    • Identifying potential risks associated with government contracts, including performance issues, pending claims, and regulatory compliance.
    • Evaluating the impact of any identified risks on the overall transaction.

3. Regulatory Compliance

    • Ensuring the target company's contracts comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and other applicable regulations.
    • Advising on the implications of non-compliance and necessary corrective actions.

4. Assignment and Novation

    • Facilitating the assignment or novation of government contracts to the acquiring entity, ensuring compliance with government requirements.
    • Handling the necessary documentation and communications with contracting officers.

5. Intellectual Property and Data Rights

    • Reviewing and protecting intellectual property and proprietary information associated with government contracts.
    • Ensuring proper data rights assertions and compliance with regulatory authorities.

6. Performance and Financial Considerations

    • Analyzing past performance evaluations and financial records to assess the target company's reliability and stability.
    • Addressing any outstanding financial issues, such as cost disallowances or disputes.

I help clients navigate the M&A due diligence process efficiently, identify and mitigate potential risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This support is essential for a successful transaction.

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Pannier Law is dedicated to helping companies that do business with the government by providing timely, affordable government contract legal services.

William Pannier is a California attorney practicing in the areas of federal, state, and local government contracts. He assists contractors of all sizes, in various industries, across a broad range of issues.

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