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State and Local Government Contracts

State and Local Government Contracts

1. Small Business Contracting:

  • Navigating Small Business Programs
    • Advising on eligibility and compliance for programs such as California's Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) programs.
    • Advising on small business program requirements.

2. Bid and Proposal Support

  • Strategic Guidance
    • Providing advice on bid strategies and compliance with state procurement regulations.
    • Reviewing solicitation documents and ensuring proposals meet requirements.
  • Proposal Development
    • Assisting in the preparation of competitive and compliant proposals.
    • Advising on responses to questions during the bidding process, ensuring clarity and accuracy.

3. Bid Protests

  • Pre-Award and Post-Award Protest
    • Assessing protest grounds and drafting protests.
    • Representing clients in bid protests before California state and local agencies.

4. Contract Negotiations

  • Negotiation Expertise
    • Leveraging specialized knowledge to negotiate favorable terms with state and local governmental entities.
    • Identifying critical issues and negotiating terms that enhance contract performance and profitability.
  • Document Review and Drafting
    • Reviewing and negotiating contracts, subcontracts, NDAs, teaming agreements, and other documents.
    • Ensuring agreements protect client interests and comply with California legal authorities.

5. Dispute Resolution

    • Managing disputes related to contract performance, REAs, claims, and terminations.
    • Using negotiation, mediation, and litigation to achieve favorable resolutions and protect client interests.

6. Contract Advisory Services

  • Comprehensive Contract Support
    • Providing day-to-day legal counseling on contract administration, performance issues, and legal compliance.
    • Advising on contract modifications, compliance matters, and responses to government communications.
  • Legal Authority Guidance
    • Offering insights on California legal authorities and other compliance requirements.
    • Advising on state procurement laws and mitigating risks of non-compliance.

7. Risk Management and Mitigation

  • Identifying and Assessing Risks
    • Conducting risk assessments to identify potential compliance and contractual risks.
    • Evaluating the impact of identified risks and prioritizing mitigation strategies.
  • Implementing Risk Management Strategies
    • Developing tailored risk management plans to address relevant issues.
    • Advising on best practices to minimize risks and enhance operational stability.


A government contracts attorney provides essential support across various aspects of state and local government contracting, particularly with California governmental entities. By offering expertise in small business contracting, bid and proposal support, bid protests, contract negotiations, dispute resolution, contract advisory services, and risk management and mitigation, I help companies navigate the complexities of government contracts, ensure compliance, and achieve success in this challenging environment.

Pannier Law is here to help

Pannier Law is dedicated to helping companies that do business with the government by providing timely, affordable government contract legal services.

William Pannier is a California attorney practicing in the areas of federal, state, and local government contracts. He assists contractors of all sizes, in various industries, across a broad range of issues.

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